Das Keyboard 4Q Cherry MX Brown RGB Smart Mechanical Keyboard


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4Q: World’s First Smart RGB Keyboard with Cherry MX

The Das Keyboard 4Q is the smart RGB Cherry MX version of the the iconic industry standard Das Keyboard 4 Professional. It is the ultimate innovation tool that keeps programmers focused on creating software and operating at the highest level of concentration. No more unwanted interruptions.

Instead of relying on snooze-able, momentary alerts from different devices, the Das Keyboard 4Q ambiently tracks the most important information directly on its RGB keys.

Users can configure it for their needs. For example, if your website is down or you have been assigned a new task, or if the software build fails, the Das Keyboard 4Q will change color and let you know.

  • Ultimate Cherry MX keyboard: Eliminates interruptions and fully programmable
  • Pre-built Q Applets: Everything from GitHub, to Jira, Asana, Trello to CPU, RAM, I/O, Gmail, etc.
  • Gold standard Cherry MX Switches 50 million actuations: Brown soft tactile switches
  • Controllable RGB: 16.8M intense RGB colors
  • Aluminum top panel: Black anodized and rugged.
  • Full N-key Rollover with Anti-Ghosting
  • Das German Engineering: Durable build quality to instill confidence and precision

Q Applets to Maximize Productivity:

Q applets connect to leading applications used by millions of developers. They cover everything from your GitHub repository status, to project management notifications from Jira, ZenHub or Azure DevOps to priority emails from your boss or your Mom. It will tell you if your website goes down or if an answer to your question is posted on Stack Overflow. You can even set it to remind you to stand up every hour to stay healthy.

Product Features:


Cherry MX RGB

Industry Leading Cherry MX RGB Switches (50M keystrokes)

The 4Q keyboard has Cherry MX Soft Tactile RGB Brown switches that provide users with faster, more effortless typing and gaming sessions.


Bright RGB

Bright RGB

With 16.8M Colors, the Cherry MX RGB switches will ensure that your backlighting matches your style and Q notifications can be received in every possible color, on every possible key. It supports unlimited game or application specific lighting profiles. 


Dedicated Media Controls with Oversized Q Button / Volume Knob

Dedicated Media Controls, Q Button, and Oversized Volume Knob

Three rectangular media keys plus a unique volume knob designed for the way you play. Customize all 12 Function keys to quickly and accurately execute complex maneuvers. With dedicated media controls, you can play, pause and mute music and videos instantly right from the keyboard.


Two-Port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub

Two-Port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub

USB convenience at your fingertips. Das Keyboard 4Q has a convenient two-port USB Hub for transferring files and connecting devices. No more reaching to the back of your computer.


Anodized Aluminum Top Panel

Anodized notifications Panel

Das Keyboard 4Q sports an anodized black aluminum top panel. Made with first-class electrons, this top panel will be serving you for years to come.


German Engineering

Das German Engineering - Durable Build Quality for Confidence and Precision  

German engineering stands for precision in all that we do—precision in the design and what you feel on your keyboard. Made with first class electronics and top quality materials, the Das Keyboard 4Q will be serving you for many years to come.


Full N-key rollover

Full N-key Rollover with 100% Anti-Ghosting
Capture Every Simultaneous Key Press

The Das Keyboard 4Q with full n-key rollover (NKRO) scans each button press individually. As a result, every pressed key is noted, even if you are pressing a bunch of keys simultaneously.


Extra Long Braided USB Cable

Extra-long Braided Cable

With an extra-long 2-meter (6.5ft) braided USB cable that goes through desk grommets to keep the desk clean.

Android and Apple Q Apps

Receive Q smart notifications while on-the-go or away from your keyboard

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 and later
  • One 2.0 or 3.0 USB port
  • Internet connection for software and smart keyboard features
  • Firmware updatable

    Physical Specifications:

    • Height: 1.30 in 
    • Width: 6.80 in
    • Length: 18 in
    • Weight: 2.90 lbs

    Package Content:

    • Das Keyboard 4Q
    • Footbar Ruler
    • Documentation


    • DKPKD4RP0MNS0USX (Soft Tactile - Cherry MX RGB Brown) 

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